Firehose Puppy Training Dummy


HUNTMARK Firehose Puppy Training Dummy

Tough fire hose exterior with a cork filled center.  Highly visible floating puppy training dummies are perfect for training your puppy on how best to safely retrieve waterfowl from the water or nearby brush. The Firehose Puppy Training Dummy is 9.5″ long x 2.5″ wide perfect to simulate birds and safely train your growing hunting puppy.

Highly durable and not easily damaged in training.

  • Available in various colors
  • Standard Size: 9.5″ x 2.5″
  • Poly Nylon Ballistic Cover with rubber backing
  • Pet friend cork content, highly buoyant
  • 8″ looped nylon throw strap
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Key Features

Firehose puppy training dummy are a highly durable option for retriever training. The high density ballistic weave nylon cover provides a durable surface to a dog's mouth in training. The rubberized backing to the exterior nylon allows a good seal to any punctures from puppy's teeth, if your puppy is working on a softer mouth. The cork filling is a perfect floatation filling. If the cork gets wet from a 'seal' break in the lining the bumper still floats. Our 12" nylon floats and doesn't trap water during training.

Fire hose ballistic weave nylon exterior

Ballistic weave nylon is tightly woven fabric which allows a puppy's teeth to penetrated the material without cutting the fabric in normal training drills. The rubber backing to the fire hose allows a seal to form if the exterior fabric is penetrated reducing the amount of water to leak into the dummy. *Please note the fabric is very durable but not intended as a chew or tug toy for your puppy. Unsupervised play with this training tool will result in damage. Intended for training and not play.

Ground Cork Filling

The contents (or filling) is made of ground cork. Cork is a natural floatation material and a good alternative to plastic or poly fill materials. Finely ground cork is not digestible to your dog, however, not a toxic material. Our dummies are specifically hunting dog training tools and not indented for play, chewing or tug games.


The 8-inch looped nylon strap is durable and works great for puppies. The looped strap is convenient for close training instructions for a puppy and easily clips to belt or training bag.


Firehose Puppy Training Dummy

There is a peace that only comes in those early morning magic hours. When you’re best hunting dog is poised like a coiled spring, waiting for your command to retrieve your fresh kill. Moments like these are only enhanced after the intuitive practice with our Firehose Puppy Training Dummy.

These highly durable firehose puppy training dummy is perfect for teaching your young gun dog how best to properly retrieve ducks and other fowl from the water or nearby brush. Our small hunting puppy training dummy is 9.5” x 2.5” in size.

  • Available in various colors optimized specifically to enhance your hunting dog’s awareness in different levels of light and distance.
  • Ballistic weave nylon exterior fabric with a rubber liner to simulate a floating dead-fowl or dummy bird for your gun dog to retrieve.
  • Critical to simulating the conditions for active hunting to condition your sporting dog for the real thing.
  • The durable surface allows training sessions to work on a softer mouth without completely damaging the dog training dummy
  • The hunting dog dummy has a 8″ looped nylon throw strap attached for easy throws and easily attaches to you training bag or belt

Our team of hunting experts took the time to speak with Veterinary Ocular Doctors to ensure we offer only the best color combinations for your gun dog. This way, you can train your hunting dog in different environments with varying brush and light situations.

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