Hunting Dog Training Place Board


HUNTMARK Dog Training Place Board
  • Made from safe durable premium materials- no cracking or fading- easy to clean
  • Measures 28” long x 18” wide x 4.5” high
  • Weighs 8 lbs. 11 oz.
  • Supports weight up to 200 pounds (not a step for use by humans)
  • Raised “H” rubber traction surface
  • Non-skid rubber feet for any floor type or terrain
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Key Features

Benefits of a Dog Training Place Board -- Dog Training Place Boards are an indispensable tool for dog training. Using a training place board correctly will present a “target” place for your dog to associate with other skills instead of getting distracted by things around them. Some of the benefits include:

Improved training

Whether you are new to bird hunting or have been hunting for years, a dog training place board will help you train and improve your skill level. It can be used during all training phases, including early puppy training and continuing education as an adult dog. A quality dog training place board allows you to work with your dog in a safe environment while also improving focus, obedience, command response time, and the ability to stay in position on command.

Enhanced bond with your dog

One of the most important benefits of a dog training place board is that it enhances the bond between you and your dog. Communicating effectively with your dog is one of the most important factors in developing trust and a positive relationship, which are essential to improving performance in hunting, training, and competition.

Better performance in the field

These place boards can be used to train your dog's hunting skills and obedience, but they also help with the most important aspect: their performance. Your dog will become more focused on you and your commands, improving its ability to hunt and obey. This is especially important if you're a beginner at this type of training or have never owned a gun dog before.


HUNTMARK Dog Training Place Board

Are you an avid waterfowl or upland hunter who loves to train and work with your gun dogs? Our reliable HUNTMARK Dog Training Place Board is the perfect conditioning tool to help you hone your dog’s skills and prepare for your next hunting trip.

Made with a rubberized surface and skid resistant base, this is designed to withstand the elements while being built to last. With the easy-to-grip and clean topper, you can customize whatever type of dog training you need from foundational essential skills to improving much-needed steadiness in the field.

This versatile training tool is perfect for hunters who want to take their dog’s abilities to the next level by emphasizing steadiness, control, and place commands that shape desires behaviors you need for success. It’s also a great way to bond with your hunting companion and have some fun. The dog training place board is a vital tool to mastering the essential obedience training skills before moving on to more advanced hunting training.

  • Made from safe, durable and long-lasting premium materials to ensure you have a consistent training tool for your dog.
  • Our dog training place board measures 28” long x 18” wide x 4.5” high allowing room for all breeds of dogs or puppies.
  • A safe weight of up to 200 pounds on this beneficial tool for larger dogs (not a step used by humans)
  • Creates a “home base” for your dog to reset their mind and cultivate the steadiness you want in the field.
  • We designed our versatile dog training place board with hunt tested dogs, avid waterfowlers, upland hunters, and gun dogs in mind, who work with experienced and professional trainers.


Additional information

Weight 10.5 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 5 in

Black, Brown, Purple, Dark Blue, Optic Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Yellow


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