Standard Hunting Dog Training Bumpers – 3 Pack


HUNTMARK Standard Hunting Dog Training Bumpers 3-Pack Value Package

3 Pack of vinyl floating hunting dummies are perfect for training your gun dog by bumper color depending on terrain, foliage and water . Top University Clinical Veterinary Ocular Doctor consulted on product development for hunting dogs.

  • Package of 3 Bumpers
  • Available in various colors
  • Standard Size: 12″ x 2″
  • BPA-free Dog Safety
  • Unique “H” holding grip pattern
  • 12″ throw rope
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Key Features

Our retrieving training tool is designed for hunting and sporting dogs as infield drill devices and live simulation equipment. The bumper is designed to mimic the size and general body shape of a dead fowl or dummy bird. These are the perfect hunting aid for your dog to practice handle commands and soft mouth control.

Training by Enhanced Colors

Hunting Dogs require both contrast and luminance in their color spectrum for training. We have created the following color patterns to best provide for your dogs and hunting environment needs. Gun dogs see best in a yellow-blue spectrum, and we have included those colors and others that fulfill different requirements.

"H" Hold Textured Pattern

The "H" hold textured pattern promotes a soft mouth and a smooth mouth-to-hand delivery. The contours in the elevated "H" pattern condition a quick-turn release for the trainer after force-fetch conditioning. The multiple lines of "H" grips add surface space for both illumination and depth for the dog's ability to mark the dummy.

Improved BPA Free Plastic Vinyl for Dog Safety

Improvements in our manufacturing promote a higher quality BPA-free vinyl dummy. The quality improvements resist cracking and damage from the use or age of our bumpers. These quality upgrades promote the safety of your hunting dog and deliver years of service in training. Made from soft but durable vinyl plastic material.


Standard Hunting Dog Training Bumpers 3-Pack Value Package

There is a peace that only comes in those early morning magic hours. When you’re best hunting dog is poised like a coiled spring, waiting for your command to retrieve your fresh kill. Moments like these are only enhanced after the intuitive practice with our Standard Hunting Dog Training Bumpers.

These durable plastic and vinyl floating hunting dummies are perfect for teaching your gun dog how best to properly retrieve ducks and other fowl from the water or nearby brush. Our standard hunting dog training bumpers 3 pack is slightly thinner and longer than our deluxe model measuring 12” x 2” in size.

  • Available in 3 Pack optimized specifically for your hunting dog’s awareness in different training situations based on terrain.
  • BPA-free buoyant materials to simulate a floating dead fowl or dummy bird for your gun dog to retrieve.
  • Critical to simulating the conditions for active hunting to condition your sporting dog for the real thing.
  • Unique “H” hold textured pattern promotes dog safety and soft mouth control when removing the training bumper upon the correct release or drop commands.
  • The hunting bumper dummy has an eyelet at the top with an attached 12″ throw rope.


Our team of hunting experts took the time to speak with Veterinary Ocular Doctors to ensure we offer only the best color combinations for your gun dog. This way, you can train your hunting dog in different environments with varying brush and light situations.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 1 in

Black | White, Blue, Blue | Yellow, Orange, Orange/White/Black | White, White, Yellow, Yellow/Blue/Blue | Yellow


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